Orthopedics & Neurosurgery in Central Omaha - Farnam

Our Bergan Mercy Clinic is moving here, to our Farnam Clinic, as of October 19, 2020. 

8005 Farnam Drive, Suite 305
Omaha, Nebraska 68114
Phone: (402) 390-4111
Fax: (402) 398-9253

Meet Our Specialists Located at Our Newly Expanded Farnam Clinic

MD West ONE has harnessed a network of the most advanced orthopedic, neurosurgery and spine care in the region. Whether you come to MD West One with pain stemming from an injury, over-usage, degeneration or illness, you’ll have efficient access to high-quality, cost-effective care. Voted First Place in the Best of Omaha 2020 for Private Medical Practice, Orthopedics, and Neurosurgery.

Dr. Bradley S. Bowdino

Bradley S. Bowdino, MD
Neurosurgery & Spine

Dr. Stephen E. Doran

Stephen E. Doran, MD
Neurosurgery & Spine

Dr. Daniel L. Gaffney

Daniel L. Gaffney, MD
Orthopedics - Upper Extremity

Dr. Kathleen Grier

Kathleen A. Grier, MD
Orthopedics - Foot & Ankle

Dr. Jordan P. Lacy

Jordan P. Lacy, MD
Neurosurgery & Spine

Dr. Keith R Lodhia

Keith R. Lodhia, MD
Neurosurgery & Spine

Dr. Douglas J. Long

Douglas J. Long, MD
Neurosurgery & Spine

Dr. Jack A. McCarthy

Jack A. McCarthy, MD
Orthopedics - Upper Extremity

Dr. Scott T. McMullen

Scott T. McMullen, MD
Orthopedics - Foot & Ankle

Dr. Guy A. Music

Guy A. Music, MD
Neurosurgery & Spine

Dr. T. Kevin O'Malley

T. Kevin O'Malley, MD
Orthopedics - Knee & Sports Medicine

Dr. Erik T. Otterberg

Erik T. Otterberg, MD
Orthopedics - Hip & Knee

Dr. Samuel Phillips

Samuel P. Phillips, MD
Orthopedics - Hip & Knee

Dr. Mark J. Puccioni

Mark J. Puccioni, MD
Pediatric Neurosurgery & Epilepsy Surgery

Dr. Wendy J Spangler

Wendy J. Spangler, MD
Neurosurgery & Spine

Dr. Jeffrey J. Tiedeman

Jeffrey J. Tiedeman, MD
Orthopedics - Upper Extremity

Dr. John S. Treves

John S. Treves, MD
Neurosurgery & Spine

Dr. Kimberly A. Turman

Kimberly A. Turman, MD
Orthopedics - Sports Medicine

Dr. Nicholas J. Wegner

Nicholas J. Wegner, MD
Orthopedics - Foot & Ankle