Growing up, there was never a doubt in Dr. George Emodi’s mind that he would be a medical professional. He was always fascinated by the human body. He also loved interacting with people, so he could think of no better way to combine his two loves than to one day become a physician. His certainty was further solidified after he spent time as a phlebotomist at Methodist Hospital’s Pathology Center.

Dr. Emodi went on to attend medical school the University of Nebraska Medical Center. After gaining an interest in the functions of the human musculoskeletal system, he decided to specialize in orthopedics. He later completed his residency at the University of Iowa. Returning to Methodist—this time as a doctor—Dr. Emodi is now an orthopedic surgeon at Methodist Physicians Clinic.

Dr. Emodi is dedicated to providing quality care to people. His mission is to educate patients about their conditions. He also believes it is important for patients to have an active role in their care, and outlines how they can minimize symptoms or cure a disease by working together.

In his free time, Dr. Emodi enjoys spending time with his family. He also loves being active—although he loves his job, there are times he needs to step outside of the clinic and just go for a bike ride while enjoying the great outdoors.

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Dr Emodi