vincent morris aprn

Vincent Morris, APRN specializing in Pediatric Neurosurgery under Dr. Mark J. Puccioni, was granted a patent for his wound irrigation device on September 3, 2019. After dedicating 5 years to his invention, his hard work has come to fruition.

Medical Irrigation System

The medical irrigation system is the official name for the patent and is designed to be used in environments such as hospitals, first aid stations and for military applications like medics or along transport routes for the wounded. The irrigation system can provide continuous variable pressure for irrigating a wound.

“There were a lot of different ways to clean wounds that we used when I worked in the ER before working at MD West ONE, but we knew we could do better and invent a device to improve the process for medical personnel and outcome for the patient,” explained Vince. 

The Team of Inventors

Thang Nguyen, Michael Wadman, Richard Morris and Vincent Morris filed for the patent on July 28, 2017. “It’s a long process… from concept to building a prototype, filing our provisional patent in 2016 and then the official patent in 2017… it’s an amazing feeling to see it come full circle this year,” said Vince. 

“What’s made this entire process even more valuable to me is that I was able to work with my father, Richard Morris, to build the prototype,” Vince explained. His father, Richard, had a career in cryogenic storage systems and is now retired. He was able to dedicate his expertise and time to building and testing prototypes along with the team. Ironically, Vince’s father used to service Midwest Surgical Hospital, where Vince now operates alongside Dr. Puccioni

The next step?

They’re ready to pitch their idea to a manufacturer who can produce it.

“We’ve had conversations with the Department of Defense and we’ve applied for grants to develop it. We’re also pitching to medical equipment companies who could purchase it,” said Vince. 

“Our main goal was to invent something that is cost-effective, easy-to-use and provides patients with better outcomes. In medical devices, it seems like you can never have all three, there’s always one of those aspects left out. So if we can sell our patent to a manufacturer who can produce this and provide it cost-effectively, then we’ve done our job,” Vince explained. 

We couldn’t be more proud of Vince and his team, and on behalf of the entire MD West ONE staff we congratulate Vince on this major accomplishment!